DFJ Esprit

What We Look For

Our strategy is to invest in companies that will become leaders in an attractive market.  Companies with potential to lead attractive markets generally have the following characteristics:

  • Great team – we can help you build the best team you can
  • Great product – startups win markets because they have fantastic products which lead with the market requirement
  • Large market – the addressable market needs to be large enough that the company can grow to tens or hundreds of millions of dollars and then beyond after exit
  • Scalability – attractive markets are usually highly productised, offering startups the potential for high operational leverage
  • Defensibility – markets are rarely attractive unless there are significant impediments to new entrants, these can take the form of deep technology, intellectual property, network effects or brand
  • Execution – a pre-requisite for success and we need to be confident the team can deliver

We invest in companies from pre-revenue stage upwards although we usually look for at least some evidence of customer uptake as proof of the product and market fit.

We invest between $500k and $15m in rounds from $500k to $50m across Europe – from the Nordics, Germany, and France to the UK, Ireland and Spain.