DFJ Esprit

DFJ Network

The DFJ Network of Partner Funds is a unique global venture capital model providing global reach through local presence.   It encompasses over 140 venture capital professionals, in more than 30 cities throughout the US, Asia (including China and India), Europe, Israel, South America, and Russia, with more than 600 portfolio companies funded and over $7 billion of capital under management.

Local Presence, Global Reach

Early stage venture capital has traditionally been a local business, driven by local relationships with entrepreneurs, venture investors, professional service providers, universities, and corporations. Yet, as globalisation has progressed access to global networks has become an increasingly important driver of company success.  The DFJ Network was created as a way of providing access to a global rolodex without destroying the local model that is so integral to the success of the venture industry.

Top Tier Branding

DFJ has become synonymous with global venture capital investing. The firm’s brand is among the most recognized and respected venture capital brands worldwide. Having seeded companies that have become multi-billion dollar successes on three different continents, DFJ has caught the attention of the press, entrepreneurs, and the public worldwide and has been a pioneer in the growth of global venture capital and entrepreneurship.

A Federation of Independent Funds

The DFJ Network is a federation of independent funds. Each Partner Fund governs itself and has its own limited partners. Economic incentives and a shared brand (DFJ) align the interests of the DFJ Network.